Using a chalkboard in Minecraft education edition


Using a chalkboard in Minecraft education edition

Minecraft Education Edition offers many new features and options that are not available in regular Minecraft. It's available for free to players who have an Office 365 account. Bedrock players can also enable Education Edition on their worlds if desired. Java Edition mods can be used to replicate some of the Education Edition features so that all players can take advantage of these features.

Minecraft Education Edition now includes a chalkboard. This block functions like a Minecraft sign but with some improvements. How to get a chalkboard for Minecraft

Guide to the Minecraft Education Edition chalkboard

This is a Minecraft Education Edition-specific feature. Players will need to either be playing it or making sure that the Bedrock world has these features turned on. This guide will show you how to do it.

A chalkboard can be used to display more text than the typical Minecraft sign. There are three sizes:

This item can only be obtained by using the give command. As long as commands in the world settings are enabled, “/give playername chalkboard” should be sufficient.

Chalkboards may be placed on top of or on the sides of any block, even non-solid blocks such as fences, glass and rails. This is in contrast to signs that must be placed on solid blocks.

For the poster and slate, there will be six lines of text available, while for the board, fifteen lines are available. The location of the text will be indicated by a flashing cursor.

Boards are non-solid and have no collision box. This allows items and Minecraft mobs to move through boards. You can place other blocks, including boards, on any edge of the board. Signs do not stop pistons, but boards can stop them.