Minecraft/scp crossover


Minecraft/scp crossover

The vanilla Minecraft gameplay is a rich world with many possibilities, but some players might get bored. Minecraft players are one of the most important modding communities.

You can download thousands of mods for free. Mods can be focused on small improvements or QoL (Quality of Life), while others overhaul the gameplay to make it appear completely new.

Mods can also be classified as horror, action, RPG, and so on. The SCP mod is a well-known horror mod.

SCP mod for Minecraft

SCP stories are among the most disturbing creepypastas you will find online. SCP stories are so popular that some studios even made games. SCPs were brought to life by multiple Minecraft modders who modified the iconic sandbox title.

SCPCraft was the first mod to include SCPs. It hasn't seen any updates in a while. Two modders recreated the file and renamed it SCP: Lockdown.

Features of SCP Lockdown

SCP: Lockdown is Minecraft's most popular SCP mod. It has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times on CurseForge as of this writing. SCP: Lockdown mod includes 76 SCPs taken directly from the SCP Wiki page.

This mod also adds custom recipes to the mix. These recipes are automatically locked by default. First, players will need to create an SCP block with three pieces of leather and paper. Players will then be able craft the custom items in the SCP Lockdown after creating an SCP recipe block.

SCP: Lockdown offers many interesting items such as night vision goggles and arrow proof vests, flashlights. Batteries. Chairs. Shelves. Displays. You can also find new options, and the tiredness system forces you to go to sleep.

SCP: Lockdown mod allows you to find SCPs in special structures known as facilities/labs. They cannot respawn naturally, unlike regular mobs. Every SCP is unique in its power.

CurseForge has the SCP: Lockdown Mod. Click here to be redirected the download page. This mod requires players to have Forge installed and a game version of 1.12.2.