Best minecraft mods


Best minecraft mods

Minecraft can be fun on its own but mods can make it even more enjoyable.

Many modders have updated or released new mods to make Minecraft 1.18.2 more compatible with the game's new features. These creations are available all over the internet at PlanetMinecraft and CurseForge.

Even though it's been a while since 1.18.2 was released, there are still many great mods that you can enjoy in the current build.

10) MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

Minecraft players have been able to make some amazing furniture using blocks, but what if they could just use the blocks themselves to build it? MrCrayfish has created a mod that allows players to access 80+ pieces of furniture with varying difficulty levels.

These include standard items like desks, chairs, tables, and stools, as well as other items such grills and cabinets, blinds and mailboxes. These blocks can also be used for their intended purpose. You can also use mailboxes to exchange messages and items with your friends in multiplayer.

9) Fast Leaf Decay by olafskiii

It is easy to cut down trees in Minecraft. However, it can be frustrating dealing with the leaf blocks. It takes a while for them to vanish once the tree's trunk has been removed. This mod makes clearing trees much easier as leaf blocks of any type dissipate much quicker and more orderly.

The default settings of the mod mean that it takes only five seconds for all the leaf blocks to disappear from a tree after its log blocks have been cut down. There is no need to wait for the leaves to clear before you can move on to the next tree, or pick up sticks and apples.

8) Biomes O' Plenty from Forstride

Minecraft's world biomes collection has grown significantly over the years. This mod is a huge help. Biomes O' Plenty will instantly give players a lot of new biomes in both the Overworld as well as the Nether.

To enhance the experience, players can discover new shrubbery, trees and flowers. These can make Minecraft's worlds feel more real and authentic (at least in the Overworld). The mod's added foliage is heavily based on real-world plant life, which adds to its down-to-earth character.

7) Enchantment descriptions by Darkhax

Enchantment Descriptions, a mod that is especially helpful for new players to Minecraft, does exactly what the title says. Players will now be able to hover over an enchanted item (either a piece or a book) and receive a tooltip explaining how it works.

This is an invaluable tool for players who don't know all the details of each enchantment, or who forget easily. It's always a good idea to remind yourself when you are enchanting. Players should also consider adding Enchantment Descriptions as a mod to their mod collection.

6) Waystones of BlaytheNinth

Even if players use quick transit methods such as minecarts or elytra, travel time in Minecraft can eat up a lot of their session. Players can use the Waystone mod to teleport to specific locations immediately using its titular Waystones.

These obelisks can be made, placed wherever the player wishes, and teleported to using another Waystone, a warp Scroll, or a rechargeable Warp Stone. You can also use bound scrolls for sharing activated waystones. multiplayer server players can even set Waystones so that they are available worldwide.

5) Clumps by Jaredlll08

Minecraft is not for everyone. Sometimes, an excessive amount of experience orbs can lead to problems. Although the effects of the orbs might seem harmless to most, the small orbs can cause a lot of problems for players who have less-capable hardware.

FPS drops can occur when the game attempts to render multiple experience orbs. This can lead to frustration for some players. Clumps will allow experience orbs to be combined in larger amounts, which prevents a lot of them from spreading and can cause framerate problems.

4) The Journeymap by TechBrew

Because of their generation mechanics, Minecraft worlds can be incredibly large and can be difficult to find your way around. A good map can make all of the difference in the world.

Journeymap allows players to view a detailed minimap in-game and in their browser. Although the level of detail is similar to a seedmap, it also accounts for player-created blocks and places in the world. The map is updated in real time so players will never be out of precise positioning information, no matter where they are in their world.

3) AppleSkin from Squeek502

Although Minecraft's food system is quite straightforward, it's a good idea to have some additional information. AppleSkin updates the game's heads-up display to show information about food saturation and player exhaustion. It also shows how much hunger a food can restore, as well as how much health it can regenerate.

These are small changes but much more than trying to find each hunger or saturation value for all the food items in Minecraft.

2) Mouse Tweaks by YoLTeR

Although the mouse controls in Minecraft are quite simple, they could be improved. YaLTeR, a modder, agreed to create a quick fix mod which gives players much more control over what they can do using their mouse.

To place multiple items in one row, players can now right-click and drag items on the crafting grid. To pick up multiple items, players can use the left-click and drag to move them across. Other functions include fluidly moving different items within an inventory and tweaking the mouse wheel. This mod is great for quality-of-life enhancements.

1) Just Enough Products by Mezz

Just Enough Items is one the most useful mods that a Minecraft player could ask for. JEI allows you to see every block and item in Minecraft, along with their crafting instructions.

To search for individual blocks, players can use a search bar that is similar to the one found in Creative Mode. This mod is a time-saver that reminds players of recipes and applications that certain items may have. It is essentially a block-encyclopedia.